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Name:Michelle Nault
Company:Michelle Nault & Associates
Title:Independent Creative Director & Professional Photographer
Address:5100 35th Ave. North
City:St. Petersburg
Country:United States of America
Phone No:8134530874
Cell No:8134530874
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Michelle Nault
Independent Creative Director and Professional Photographer


I am a creative director, photographer, graphic designer, producer, writer and marketing professional based in Tampa Bay Florida. With more than 20 years experience in all types of media, I am a one-stop shop for all creative, marketing and content development services. From brand management and product development to graphic design, video production, audio production and web design…I do it all and focus on delivering rocking results that add maximum lift to the bottom line.

Currently, I am a Marketing Manager and Graphic Designer for FIS Loyalty Services, managing strategic development, production and branding for several products, including a retail rewards product that primarily serves the convenience store industry. I am frequently accepting photography and other creative projects on a free-lance contract basis.

I have worked for a variety of companies in a variety of creative capacities over the years, including 7 years as a Creative Director for a company that produced corporate training symposiums for Yamaha Marine, Yamaha Motorsports Canada, Guerrilla Marketing International, Chris Craft Boats and Big Rock Sports. In that role, I also supported sales efforts and helped secure more than $2 million in business each year through my printed and visual presentations. I next went into business for myself as an independent creative director for a variety of businesses for the next 6 years until I was asked to interview for my current position at FIS Loyalty Services.

Earlier in my career, I focused on TV and video production, during which time I co-wrote and hosted a children’s program that aired for two years across Florida on the Sunshine Network and locally on Fox Kids Club. The show was called and was produced in partnership with a local TV station and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

I have one Bachelors of Arts degree in Creative Writing with a minor in Journalism Production. My second degree is in Graphic Design with a concentration in Photography.

In my spare time, when I am not working on a project, taking photos, or trying to pry myself away from Facebook or the Syfy Channel, I enjoy writing and producing sketch comedy video and audio content with my pals at Damage Control Comedy Crew.

I would be delighted to speak with you about any creative need you may have. Call me today at: 813-453-0874

Carpe Diem-

Michelle Walker Nault
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